Tuesday, 1 November 2011


1. Energy enable living things and non-living things to carry out various types of process or work.
 Sources of energy
 Types or forms of energy produced
 light & heat energy

 waterfall & dams

electrical energy
 Oceans & seas
 chemical & heat energy

  •   Sound energy : radio,telephone, CD-player
  •     Heat energy : fire, fuel, electric oven
  •     Light energy : sunlight, candle light
  •     Electrical energy :  battery, hydroelectric stations,generator
  •     Chemical energy :fuel, coal, food
  •     Kinetic energy : moving car, flying bird, bouncing ball
3. Energies can be transformed  from one form to another.For example, a burning candle transforms chemical energy into light energy and heat energy .
4. Renewable energy can be replenished when used up.(sun, wind, water, geothermal, biomass)
5. Renewable energy sources do not produce pollution.
6. Non-renewable energy cannot be replenished when used up.( natural gas, petroleum, charcoal, coal, nuclear reactor.
7. It is better to use and rely on renewable energy because :
  •  renewable energy will always be available for our use as it will not be completely used up.
  • the process of producing renewable energy does not normally cause environmental pollution.
  • the production of renewable energy is normally cheaper in the long run.

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