Wednesday, 16 November 2011


1. Many objects around us are made up of basic shapes.

2. Many other objects are made up of some of these basic shapes.
3. Things that are stable do not topple or fall down easily.
4. The stability of an object means how stable the object is.
5. If you push the cupboards to the right, cupboard A will topple or fall faster.

6. One of the factors that makes cupboard B more stable is its shape.The shape of cupboard B gives it a bigger base area.
7. Apart from the base area, the height of an object also affects its stability.
8. For example, if you push both cupboards as shown below to the right, cupboard B will fall or topple first because it's taller.
9. The stability of an object is affected by its base area and height.
10. The factors affecting the strength of structure are the types of materials used and the way a structure is placed.

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