Wednesday, 26 October 2011


The survival of animal species
1. Animals must ensure that their young are able to grow into healthy adults, which will later produce their own  young.
2. If animals cannot produce enough young that can grow into adult animals, they will then become extinct.
3. The many ways animals protect their eggs and young :
  •      Keep their young in their mouths.( Male snakehead)
  •      Feed their young.( Bird)
  •      Protect their young and eggs from predator.( snake,tiger)
  •      Lay slimy eggs.(Frog)
  •      Hide their eggs.( turtle)
  •      Carry their young in pouches.( Kangaroo)
  •      Stay in herds.( Elephant)
The survival of plant species:

 Dispersal by
 Seeds and fruits
Have air space
waterproof skin

 coconut, pong pong, nipah
 light, small, dry, have wing like structures, have fine hairs
 meranti, angsana, lalang, clematis
 fleshy, brightly coloured, edible, have fragrance, have hooks
 mango, rambutan, durian, mangosteen,mimosa
 explosive mechanism
 fruits and seeds are dry when ripen.
 balsam, okra, rubber seeds, flame of the forest

Importance of survival of the species :
1. Each species depends on another species for food. Therefore, if all the plants become extinct, all the animals will not be able to survive too. Thus, the survival of each species ensures the survival of another, whether directly or indirectly.



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